W Abrasives technical studies have shown that at an average of 44 HRC hardness, GP Angular-shot™ provides the optimum performance in many foundry and other cleaning applications. These studies show that the performance characteristics of GP Angular-shot™ are similar to steel shot but also have the extra initial aggressiveness of an angular material. Due to the rapid rounding of GP Angular-shot™ there is no increase in abrasive consumption or machine wear.

New product would look similar to steel grit.

Angular when new, this grit rapidly rounds off in use and is particularly suited to general cleaning applications.
Unit of Measure



N/A GP 18


N/A Steel

Mesh Size

N/A 0.0278 to 0.0394 in0.710 to 1.000 mm

Screen Number

N/A 18 to 25

Shape When New

N/A Angular


N/A Round

Sieve analysis

N/A According to standard SAE J 444

Chemical analysis

N/A According to standard SAE J827 shot / J1993 grit

Micro Hardness

N/A 40 - 51 HRC


N/A 392 - 528 HV

Standard deviation

N/A ±3Rc or ± 240 HV


N/A Well controlled manufacturing gives die a martensitic structure that blends the iron and carbon atoms in the finest and most ideal way possible. This structure produces a homogeneity or hardness and resistance throughout the shot. Without this structure the shot would not have the resistance necessary for the applications in which it is used.

Minimum Density Measured by Alcohol Displacement

N/A > 7.3 g/cm