When stripping operations involve delicate surfaces or require precise removal of old coatings, nothing beats FaStrip machines for speed, quality, safety or economy.

By delivering plastics, wheat starch or other soft media at low pressures, FaStrip makes it possible to strip delicate metallic or composite materials quickly and thoroughly without damaging the substrate.

Compared to alternative stripping methods, Empire's FaStrip process offers a number of major benefits. When chemical agents are used to remove coatings, for example, rubber components, windows and other vulnerable areas must be thoroughly protected. Otherwise, those materials, plus underlying structures and controls, may be damaged. Also, residual caustics can later damage fresh paint.

With FaStrip, most of this prep work is unnecessary. For instance, masking does not have to be extended beyond the windows on to the paint, so a great amount of manual detailing is eliminated.

Because the FaStrip process does not employ toxic chemicals, it is safer for workers and the environment. In addition, less time is required for cleanup and the high costs for disposal of hazardous chemicals are reduced or eliminated.

In short, Empire's FaStrip process offers three compelling advantages over alternative methods. It's faster, safer and more efficient, which all adds up to better results and higher profits when you're stripping expensive equipment.

FaStrip machines are available in cabinet models as well as portable units similar in configuration to the pneumatic blast and recovery systems.
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N/A We support our portable blasters and blast rooms with a complete line of modern safety equipment that protects operators and complies with OSHA when properly applied and maintained. All devices affecting breathing-air quality should be inspected and serviced regularly, particularly when a multi-purpose compressor is used to supply breathing air.