• Purge Filters during Blasting
  • Expedite Filter Replacement
Empire's Cartridge Dust Collectors (CDC) increase productivity in three ways.

For starters, they can operate continuously; the air blast system does not have to be shut down while dust is removed from filtration surfaces.

Next, they simplify dust removal from filtration material. Push-button reverse jet-pulsing, a standard feature on all three CDC units, enables an operator viewing a minihelic gage-which monitors pressure drop across the filter-to purge dust while the air-blast system is operating. Alternatively, an optional photohelic upgrade moves dust from filtration surfaces to a collection drum automatically-at the right time and without operator involvement.

Finally, the collection cartridges, once worn, can be quickly and easily removed and replaced through a large access door.

Empire's Cartridge Dust Collectors extend operating cycles, maximize "up" time and reduce maintenance costs-all adding to higher profits.
Unit of Measure


Blower Assembly

N/A 2 hp

CFM/Static Pressure

N/A 900/6 in
Electricals1 N/A 230/60/1 V


N/A Manual reverse jet pulse

Filtration Area

N/A 452 ft² through 2 cartridges

Waste Drum Capacity

N/A 16 gal

Enclosure Size

N/A 35 x 40 x 116 in


Cartridge Dust Collectors Features

  • 1 Other electricals available