• Accelerate Finishing of Small Parts
  • Process 300 Pounds Plus per Cycle
  • Deliver Repeatable Results

Empire's BB2 and BB4 Basket Blasters automate cleaning, peening and finishing of small workpieces. With certain types of parts, no other finishing method can compare to these heavy-duty production machines in terms of speed and quality results.

Operation is simple: Load parts into the unit, set the precision timer, and the Basket Blaster does the rest. By tumbling parts within abrasive blast streams, these machines deliver consistent finishes - automatically.

Empire's heavy-duty Basket Blasters feature an unloading chute to speed parts handling and a polyurethane-lined media reclaimer supported by rugged ductwork to reduce maintenance requirements.

Two models are available: a BB4-3K with a 350-pound parts capacity and three pneumatically controlled oscillating blast nozzles that increase production rates while reducing power consumption, and a smaller BB2-3K unit with two fixed nozzles and a capacity of 300 pounds.

Put either unit to work and your parts finishing costs should start to take a tumble right away.
Unit of Measure


Outside Dimension of Cabinet with Reclaimer (Depth)

N/A 61 in

Outside Dimension of Cabinet with Reclaimer (Width)

N/A 87 in

Outside Dimension of Cabinet with Reclaimer (Height)

N/A 74 in

Outside Depth Dust Collector

N/A 39 in

Outside Width Dust Collector

N/A 34 in

Outside Height Dust Collector

N/A 105 in

Cabinet Construction

N/A 14 gauge

Basket Construction

N/A 11 gauge

Reclaimer Construction

N/A 11 gauge

Basket Diameter

N/A 30 in

Basket Width

N/A 30 in

Door Opening Width

N/A 24 in

Door Opening Height

N/A 11 in

Basket Capacity

N/A 350 lb3-1/2 ft³

Standard Non-Coated Perforations Diameter

N/A 5/16 in

Optional Coated Perforations Diameter

N/A 5/16 inch or less

Optional Non-Coated Perforations Diameter

N/A 1/8 in

Blast Guns

N/A MH-2 Short Handle

Blast Guns Quantity

N/A 3

Blast Guns Size

N/A 5/16" with 5/32" jet

Blast Guns Nozzle

N/A Di-Carb®

Blast Guns Oscillation

N/A Yes (Pneumatic)

Blast Guns Compressed Air at 60 PSI

N/A 81 scfm

Dust Collector (Bag House) Model

N/A DCM-200

Dust Collector (Bag House) Fan Size

N/A 1-1/2 hp

Dust Collector (Bag House) Rated CFM at 6" S.P.

N/A 600

Dust Collector (Bag House) Cloth Area

N/A 200 ft²

Dust Collector (Cartridge) Model


Dust Collector (Cartridge) Fan Size

N/A 1-1/2 hp

Dust Collector (Cartridge) Rated CFM at 6" S.P.

N/A 600

Dust Collector (Cartridge) Filter Area

N/A 452 ft²

Reclaimer Rated CFM

N/A 600


BB2 & BB4 Basket Blaster Features


Standard Features


  • Quick-release basket door
  • External blow-off gun
  • Door/blast interlock
  • Easily unloaded hopper door
  • Precision timer
  • 1/3-hp, DC variable drive (2 to 20 RPM)
  • 3-phase fan motor
  • Heavy-duty conveying hose
  • Lined, tunable reclaimer
  • 1" piping with general purpose filter, gauge and pressure regulator
  • Electrical control box
  • Two, 90-watt interior lights
  • Easily accessed media hopper
  • Observation window
  • Cabinet and dust-collector leveling bolts

Basket Blaster Options


  • Boron carbide nozzles (recommended with aluminum oxide)
  • Coated basket
  • Automatic bag shaker or photohelic-controlled pulse-jet cleaning for cartridge-type dust collectors
  • Automatic blow-off cycle
  • Signal light to indicate cycle completion
  • Non-standard voltages
  • 50 Hz operation
  • Basket cover assembly for light parts (BB2-3K only)
  • Larger 7/16" guns (BB2-3K requires 104 SCFM at 60 psi
  • Smaller 1/4" guns (BB2-3K requires 34 SCFM at 60 psi
  • High-capacity fan for oversized media
  • Small-parts barrel with 1/8 diameter perforations
  • Barrel kick flights for more even processing of parts
  • CDC-6 cartridge-type dust collectors


N/A Empire basket blasters are designed for use with glass bead (180 mesh or larger), aluminum oxide (40 to 200 mesh), steel grit (G-125 to G-200), steel shot (S-70), and nutshells or plastic of any size. Consult Empire for recommendations concerning other abrasives.

Dust Collection

N/A In addition to bag-house units, we offer a cartridge dust collector with both basket blaster models. The vertical cartridges in the CDC-6 are easy to replace and provide a filtration area of 452 square feet which captures 99.999% of particles one-half micron or larger. With either the bag-house or cartridge collectors, air can normally be recirculated to the workplace, thereby reducing HVAC costs.

Media Reclamation

N/A Basket-blaster reclaimers are tunable, meaning they can be adjusted to prevent and control the loss of fine, medium or coarse media. They also include a removable debris screen to prevent oversized material from clogging the nozzles, an easy-access door for quick media filling and a polyurethane liner that extends reclaimer life.


Three-years limited on parts and labor

Empire Air-Blast Products

  • A complete range of cabinets
  • Robotic, turntable and in-line automation
  • Blast rooms and blast booths
  • Portable blasters
  • A full line of parts and accessories

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