• Robotic Blasting Cell

    RBT36-F Robotic Blasting Cell

    • Advanced Automation
    • High-Efficiency Blast and Reclaim
    • Intelligent Blasting, Smartly Priced
    Empire's new RBT36-F robotic pressure-blast system opens the door for many firms to cash in on the benefits of high precision air blasting. Capable of processing parts up to 12 inches in diameter by 12 inches tall, the RBT36-F employs a Fanuc 6-axis robot to control nozzle movement plus a DC or Servo drive to control part movement, enabling users to assure the quality control and deliver the process validation so often required by today's aerospace, automotive and medical-equipment sectors.

    In addition to helping customers control quality, the RBT36-F reduces the consumption of blast media, energy, floor space and raw materials while boosting the speed, flexibility and yield of manufacturing processes. In short, the system does more with less, contributing to a better bottom line.

    The RBT36-F includes dust collection, media reclamation, controls - all the hardware and software required for robotic blasting at standard automation pricing.

    In addition to the RBT36-F, Empire produces a larger version of this standard system for parts up to 24" x 24", as well as engineered robotic systems tailored to specific applications.