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  • plastic blasting media
  • Empire Safety Equipment

    We support our portable blasters and blast rooms with a complete line of modern safety equipment that protects operators and complies with OSHA when properly applied and maintained. All devices affecting breathing-air quality should be inspected and serviced regularly, particularly when a multi-purpose compressor is used to supply breathing air.

  • Ceramic Media
  • Circular-Vibratory-Machines

    Vibratory finishing is a type of mass finishing manufacturing process used to deburr, radius, de-scale, burnish, clean, and brighten a large number of relatively small workpieces.

    In this batch-type operation, specially shaped media and the workpieces are placed into the tub of a vibratory tumbler. The tub of the vibratory tumbler and all of its contents are then vibrated. The vibratory action causes the media to rub against the workpieces which yield the desired result. Depending on the application this can be either a dry or wet process.

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  • Wet Abrasive Blast Systems

    This dust free, deep cleaning method of finishing combines washing and blasting to create the “Wet Tech” process, a water & media slurry driven by a specially designed high volume pump.


    • Dust free, deep cleaning without imbedded abrasive
    • Combines steps; washing and blasting
    • Warping reduced/eliminated
    • Closed loop filtration/rinsing is standard on all systems
    • Wide range of cosmetic finish options; matt to luster
    Additional options and custom/automated systems are available
    Closed-Loop Filtration and Rinse Gun, 460V@15 amps standard. 208V & 230V optional. 32 CFM/Gun @ 80 psi